Indoor Cycling at Coop’s Iron Works


Indoor Cycling is a fast paced workout that combines endurance and strength training with interval training. Coop’s Iron Works in Saginaw has the best indoor cycling studio in the great lakes bay region. When visiting our facility for a fun indoor cycling class, you will get a cardiovascular workout but our indoor cycling classes mix both endurance and high intensity intervals so you burn fat faster. Endurance workouts build your muscles, increase your heart rate, and improve your overall health.

In our indoor cycling class our certified coaches will have you set up different types of indoor bikes for each exercise, then coach you through getting used to the bike as well as showing you how to change it from sitting position to standing positions – similar to climbing – changing gears – going uphill – make it feel like an outdoor ride where there are ups and downs in terrain, hills n’ valleys…therefore building on the “outdoor” experience. It simulates actual outdoor cycling, indoor cycling classes are fun and fast paced since indoor bikes simulate real cycling, indoor cycling is almost just as good as outdoor cycling for your muscles and cardiovascular health. How could you ask for more?


Indoor Cycling Class Schedule

It’s freezing cold outside now, but burning hotter than ever inside our high-tech, high-throttled, Indoor Cycling Studio. You now have 5 times to ride every week. More classes are coming!! Join our incredible TEAM of Certified Coaches for an incredibly fun and an exhilarating riding experience! The Music & Lights will lift your spirits high each and every class. We are the Tri-Cities most advanced, dedicated indoor cycling facility. Located inside COOP’S IRON WORKS GYM on Bay Road in Saginaw, this STUDIO is ready for all levels of fitness. Every class is tailored with the idea of ANYONE being able to ride at your own pace. Our Coaches only care about 3 things:

1- ALWAYS try your hardest
2- Come back, don’t quit

We take Drop-Ins if there are Bikes still available. To reserve a bike please sign up for one on our website or you can download our *Free* APP on Apple or Google. Our website has all the links needed to book your ride TODAY! (ALL RIDERS – $10 Drop-In) (Schedule Below) We hope to see you soon!


Everyone is invited to find the class that best suits their schedule and join us for a great, exhilarating, fun, and upbeat fitness routine on a bike! Purchase your gym membership today and check out what is so incredibly awesome about the Coop’s family of committed trainers, gym enthusiast, and community in Saginaw! Our class schedules are always available online at our website or through our mobile app. Don’t delay, come enjoy a top notch cardio workout everyone is talking about!


2022 Fitness Training

Interval training means you do bursts of high intensity exercise followed by low intensity recovery periods. The reason for this is that interval trainings benefit the lactate system during rest or recovery time, so it can produce more power than if you would have done endurance training alone. So indoor cycling will build on your muscles so you enhance your performance on bike races…while also building cardiovascular health, therefore it’s a balanced workout where you build both strength and endurance. Indoor cycling classes are 60 minutes long! You may burn up to 600 calories during one of our indoor cycling classes. Everybody’s welcome at Coop’s Iron Works indoor cycling fitness classes, join our community of gym goers!

You’ll gain the benefits of an outdoor cycling class indoor. The certified trainers at Coop’s will mix up indoor bike rides with outdoor bike rides feels, so you get the best of both worlds – indoor and out, without having to go outside!!! The indoor cycling workouts run you through a total body workout where all your muscles get to do their share. Indoor bike workouts are faster paced than outdoor cycling! You need to go faster on indoor bikes because they feel just like actual bikes…therefore making it feel more like an outdoor biking experience than just stationary exercise bikes which usually have no resistance or easier settings. With indoor cycling classes being indoor you have more control over the environment, which leads to a fast paced indoor workout that transforms into an outdoor experience for your muscles!

Indoor cycling is a great low-impact workout for both new and veteran riders. Indoor cycling can be done on upright indoor bikes or stationary indoor bikes. The indoor riding experience allows you to have full control of your ride without being stuck with one setting where you cannot go any faster or harder…and since it’s indoors you still get the feel of biking outside because indoor bikes simulate actual cycle movement…so indoor biking feels like outdoor biking with a great cardio workout! You will love indoor cycling workouts with one of our certified coaches during our scheduled classes. Indoor fitness class includes 60 minutes of indoor bike riding where you can ride at your own pace, so no matter what level you are at, we welcome you to workout in our Indoor Cycling Studio.

Here are some benefits to indoor cycling workouts::

1. Indoor cycling builds strength and endurance simultaneously.
2. Indoor fitness class includes 60 minutes of indoor bike riding where you can ride at your own pace.
3. Indoor cycling classes are indoor – so no hills n’ valleys…but you still get the feel of biking outside since indoor bikes simulate actual cycle movement.
4. Indoor cycling is a fast paced indoor workout that transforms into an outdoor experience for your muscles!

Aside from having indoor cycling, Coop’s Iron Works has many options at our gym for any fitness enthusiast. Year round, we offer an all inclusive facility with state of the art equipment, training classes, knowledgeable and experienced trainers, a community of members that love to share their workout routines with others, and so much more. Sign up for a gym membership today and check out what Coop’s has to offer you!

Our facility is packed with high endurance training equipment, cardio workout areas, indoor cycling studio, 40 yard turf training center, fitness classes, cross training, weight lifting, bodybuilding clinics, personal trainers, and key nutrition advice! Many fitness clubs offer a great workout, but most do not offer a great workout filled with fun and knowledgeable trainers that want to see you at your best and will work hard to help you achieve your fitness goals! So make 2022 the best year yet and join us at Coop’s Iron Works and check out what you have been missing!