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Our Gym Services

Given the amount of equipment, advanced classes that we offer, and our licensed and certified staff, we’re confident you won’t find a better gym at the rates we offer.

Fitness Classes

Group classes in a variety of workout styles amp up your fitness levels and give you a chance to try something new. No matter which class you take at Coop’s Iron Works, you’ll benefit from Form, Structure, and Motivation.

Explore our class schedule on our Calendar, then stop in to experience firsthand the enthusiasm that our instructors generate. You’ll see that we are passionate about improving the lives and health of people in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Bodybuilding & Weight Training

If you’re interested in participating in bikini, figure, physique or any level of bodybuilding competition, let us know. We participate too and are happy to give you the inside scoop on everything from what to expect, how to prep before the event, nutrition, posing, routine help, and even what to wear on stage. We can even suggest a show to attend before you commit. This is our life, and we are ready to share it with you!

Techniques & Training

Whether you’re lifelong fitness fan who wants to spice up a routine or a beginner who feels unsure how to start, we’ve got you covered. Our staff stays on top of all the latest research in exercise science so we can share techniques that work. We want everyone to feel comfortable at our gym, so please let us help you understand how everything works.

Personal Training

Personal Training is exactly what it sounds like. A certified health and fitness professional creates a custom workout plan for an individual client. Personal Trainers work one-on-one with clients to achieve specific goals. Despite what you see on television reality shows, Personal Trainers are encouraging, approachable, and build a strong rapport with the people they help.

40 Yd Turf Training Center

Our 40 Yd Turf Training Center allows for members and guests to spread out and to train not only with weights but with accessories aimed towards “Athletic Functional Training”. This room is full of turf field accessories that will help increase your strength, speed, and agility. This area also is home to our **COUCH 2 CARDIO** group fitness class as well as our **GYMSANITY** group class.

Nutrition & Supplement Center

Snacks should provide energy for working muscles to power through your workout. Fluids before, during, and after exercise keep you hydrated and help you maintain your energy level throughout your workout. After exercising, a high-quality, easily-digestible snack promotes recovery.

At our Nutrition & Supplement Center, we offer advice on the best food and beverages to boost your metabolism and meet your goals. We also sell superior-quality supplements. We’ll even prepare a fresh, healthy shake for you to enjoy before or after your workout.

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