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Meet the incredible team behind the success of Coop’s Iron Works. Our staff helps our members with training, classes, events, and much more at Coop’s.

Rob Cooper


Rob has been working out in gyms since he was 13 years old. He played Division III College Football for the Alma Scots from 1995 to 1999. He also has competed in multiple National Physique Committee (NPC) Light-Heavyweight Bodybuilding Shows, earning 2 overall wins and multiple weight class awards. He is currently training to compete in the Arnold Amateur in March 2019.

Michelle Cooper


Michelle has been a distance runner for more than 23 years. She has participated in several local races as well as 5 half marathons, 3 full marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and 16 Crim 10-miler races. She has competed in 6 Figure Competitions and 5 Women’s Physique Competitions.

Nikki Jones-Milburn

Fitness Background: Nikki is a Dance Fitness Diva!  She has been a Dance Fitness instructor since 2013 introducing a fusion of dance, strength, and hardcore cardio!  Nikki has studied dance and also has taught a 30 minute cardio combo class. 

Area of Specialty or Interest: Dance Fitness

Hobbies: Nikki enjoys creating new choreography, creating hair pieces, making wigs, cooking, running, walking and living her best life!

Fitness Philosophy: Keep your fitness up’s and down’s  when you become transparent others appreciate your realness!  I have weighed over 235 pounds at my heavest.  Once I became determined to change my overall health lifestyle the results happened…

Classes: Hip Hop Fusion. Now this class puts the P in party!  Nikki has fused together dance and fitness into an hour of high calorie burning fun!  You don’t have to be an awesome dancer to enjoy this class.  The hip hop, cardio, and strength moves are fun and easy to learn.  Such a fun class you forget your working out!   Hip Hop Fusion is a very high impact cardio class with a hype playlist that will leave you a hot sweaty mess.  All are welcome to the Party!

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