John Simmons Bodybuilding Posing & Preparation Clinic


Come join us at COOPS Iron Works on February 13th for a Bodybuilding and Posing Clinic unlike most others. We are bringing in 6 IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) Professional athletes to work with YOU to improve and perfect your stage performance. John Simmons is a staple on the NPC & IFBB Bodybuilding Scene. This posing clinic is an experience that you do not want to miss. Learn “PROPER” Posing techniques & Form. Nutrition advice, Meal Prep, Peak-Week Tricks, and much more!

Some of the best athletes in the world will be here on FEB 13th. Highlighting our event will be 2022 Ms. Olympia & Wings of Strength World Champion, ANDREA SHAW. Andrea is coming off Back-2-Back Olympia Championships (2020 & 2021) as well as World Championships. Joining Andrea will be the following athletes:

Marissa Andrews – IFBB PRO *WELLNESS*

These athletes are all IFBB Pro bodybuilders with years of experience in the industry. They will help you to improve your posing skills, give you tips for peak week, and answer any questions that you have about competing. This is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business and take your bodybuilding career to the next level!
The Event will begin at 12PM on FEB 13th. Expect 2 hours of face-2-face and in-depth training from our PROS. It will cost $40 per person. We are taking Cash Only for this event. Hope to see you at Coop’s Iron Works on Bay Road in Saginaw on the 13th!


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John Simmons will be the posing coach for our guest athletes. Mr. Simmons has been in the bodybuilding industry and a judge on many NPC stages since 1999, including Florida Gold Cup, Florida Championships, Europa Show of Champions, Jr USA’s and USA’s! He is also an IFBB Professional Judge and NGA Pro Bodybuilder with such titles as; 2016 NGA North American Masters Overall Champion & 2012 INBF Natural Olympia Masters Winner! We are honored to have him at this clinic as both our host and posing instructor!

These athletes are not only incredibly accomplished bodybuilders, but they are some of the best posers in the industry as well! They will work with you one-on-one to help improve your posing skills, give you tips for peak week, and answer any questions that you have about competing.


This clinic is a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business and take your bodybuilding career to the next level! Register now and don’t miss out on this amazing experience. For more information or to register, visit our facility or call us at (989) 401-7273.

The bodybuilding posing clinic is definitely one not to be missed! Some of the best athletes in the world will be here on February 13th, and Andrea Shaw will be headlining the event. Andrea is coming off back-to-back Olympia championships (2020 and 2021) as well as world championships, so you can be sure that she’ll have some amazing tips to share. This clinic is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about bodybuilding posing or just see how the top competitors do it. Make sure you register soon – spots are filling up fast! See you at Coop’s Iron Works in Saginaw, the best gym in the area!


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If you’re looking for a chance to get up close and personal with some of the best bodybuilders in the world, then make sure you attend our bodybuilding posing clinic on February 13th. We’ll have a variety of top athletes teaching you how they pose, from their favorite poses to some that are more unique and challenging for them personally.

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